Back in December 2020 we saw some very high river levels on the Great Ouse. Fortunately, no houses reported flooding but it was a close thing for some. The High Street was flooded and diversions had to be put in place. Had there been a little more rain things could have been much worse.

The Parish Council has been in discussion with Bedford Borough Council concerning producing an Emergency Flood Plan for the village. This plan looks at the ‘at risk’ areas of the village. Historically this is an area from the top of Green End Road down through the village to the river, essentially following the course of The Brook, and along with the area adjacent to The Great Ouse itself.

You can read the draft of the Emergency Flood Plan here:  Great Barford – Draft Emergency Flood Plan

Our Plan involves identifying six at risk zones as shown below:

Bedford Borough will give us some limited resources so that in the we can ‘make a start’ before more serious support arrives.

Our hope is to have a small group of volunteers who have a role in our flood preparedness. This will range from being our ‘eyes and ears’ – identifying any potential issues (blocked ditches etc), being aware of which residents and which properties might benefit from extra help if flooding occurs. Liaising with the emergency services if ever needed. There is no suggestion that any volunteer should ever be asked to put themselves in any danger.

We don’t anticipate this group ever having to be used, but it makes sense to have in place something just in case.

If you’re interested in volunteering please email