The Pre-Submission Public Consultation for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan is now closed

We now have our Draft Neighbourhood Plan at a state we want to share with you, and to ask for your opinions.

This is called the Pre-Submission Public Consultation, at the Regulation 14 Stage of the Neighbourhood Plan process. It will go live on 14 December 2020, and will last for 7 weeks (it has to be at least 6 weeks) up to 1 February 2021.

We hope you like the Plan; it explains about the new development need placed on us by the Bedford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2030. This imposed a requirement for Great Barford to accommodate 500 new homes. Our Draft Neighbourhood Plan sets out the philosophy and reasoning for where we have allocated these houses, along with design principles to make the development more palatable. Many other issues are addressed as well.

The “Flyer” promotes the Reg 14 Public Consultation. It briefly describes how we got to where we are, gives a quick summary of the plan’s main points, and shows you where to find the Draft Plan itself and a Response Form, plus the full range of technical Supporting Documents.

Because of Covid-19 social distancing and meeting with others restrictions, this will primarily be an online consultation. Your views are important, so please get involved, and submit your comments.


Go to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-Submission Public Consultation page.