Committee Membership 2019 – 2020

Note:  The Chairman and Vice-Chairman, ex-officio, shall be voting members of every committee.

Planning:  Ann Lovesey (Chair), Di Ames, Tim Wood, Stuart Southall, Derrick Folbigg, David Garrard, Duncan Edgar.

Parks and Open Spaces:  Di Ames (Chair), Ann Lovesey, Stuart Southall, Derrick Folbigg, Duncan Edgar, James Rudgley.

Graveyard: Graham Pendrey (Chair), Di Ames, Stuart Southall, James Rudgley.

Finance: Derrick Folbigg, Di Ames, Ann Lovesey.

Sport: Derrick Folbigg (Chair), Stuart Southall, Di Ames, Peter Ward, Joe Lawrence (Football)

Employment: Ann Lovesey (Chair), Di Ames, Noreen Byrne, James Rudgley.

Property and Assets: Noreen Byrne, Di Ames, James Rudgley.

Allotments: Stuart Southall, Noreen Byrne, Graham Pendrey.

Parish Magazine: Noreen Byrne, Graham Pendrey, Joanne Lee.

Website:  James Rudgley (Chair), Di Ames, Noreen Byrne.

Highways: Stuart Southall (Chair), James Rudgley, David Garrard, Duncan Edgar, Tim Wood, Peter Ward.

Additional responsibilities;

Neighbourhood Plan Committee:              Graham Pendrey (Chair), Di Ames, Noreen Byrne, Tim Wood, David Garrard, Duncan Edgar

Police Priority meeting representative:    Noreen Byrne

BRCC:                                                                             Ann Lovesey

BATPC:                                                                          Ann Lovesey

Village Hall representatives:                            TBC

Wöllstein Partnership representative:        James Rudgley

Tree Officer:                                                               Stuart Southall

GBPFA representative:                                         Stuart Southall

Community Events Committee Rep:            Noreen Byrne, Ann Lovesey

Footpaths Officer:                                                   Derrick Folbigg