Play area reopening Friday 24th July 2020

Please follow the new guidance that has been put in place


Monday August 3rd, 2020

Great Barford Parish Council

Great Barford Village Green

The Parish Council is actively putting measures in place to tackle the current issues around the number of visitors flocking to our village green,

• The bins are emptied 3 times a week by the Borough Council rather than once a fortnight. We will be putting wheelie bins in place and are sourcing a suitable enclosure to keep the bins secure.
• We have requested traffic cones.
• We have had double yellow lines agreed for one side of New Road.
• We have asked for the Borough Council Parking Enforcement Team to visit regularly, which they do, but they have the whole Borough to cover and sadly we are not the only village experiencing these issues.
• We have asked the local police for support
• We have asked the Fire Service and the Environment Agency for advice around people jumping into the river from the road bridge.
• Parish Councillors are visiting the area at least once a day and reporting issues and gathering evidence of the problems we are experiencing. A Working Group has also been formed.
• We are looking to advise larger organised groups/businesses to contact the Parish Council to schedule use of the village green.

What we would ask of you:

Report any incidents of anti-social behaviour to the police on 101.

Report parking issues to the Borough Council; they will issue fines (penalty charge notice or PCNs) for the following types of illegal parking.
• parking on yellow lines
• parking on pavements or verges where a restriction is in place
• parking across driveways

They do not get involved with neighbourly disputes or inconsiderate parking. To report an illegally parked vehicle, please contact the Enforcement Team or 01234 718359.

We will continue to ask for help and support from other services to deal with these issues and do all we can to navigate our way through this situation.

A big thank you to all who have tidied up after those who don’t respect our village green and thank you to all who enjoy the area considerately.
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Thursday July 30th, 2020

Great Barford Parish Council

Diversion update

Highways England has advised that all signs for diversion through Great Barford will be removed for this evening. Signs advising road users not to follow their sat nav are also due to
be put in place. Hopefully drivers will follow the signed diversion route along the A603 instead.
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Tuesday July 28th, 2020

Great Barford Parish Council

Diversion update

Highways England has apologised for the change to the diversion plan.

Roadworks in Willington were expected to be completed by the end of Sunday. Completion of the works has been delayed due to the weather and therefore, the planned diversion route could not be used. The works are now expected to be completed this evening.

Highways England has advised that from Wednesday evening the diversion through Great Barford will stop and the original diversion will be signposted.
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